Your vast penthouse is like an

authentic perched house bathed in light

which naturally opens onto the forest.

Enjoy the view from your living room,

sometimes equipped with a fireplace,

and extended by spacious panoramic terraces.

Choose your penthouse
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  • Bedrooms
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Lot Unit Floor Type Number of bedrooms Gross area (m²) Terrace(s) (m²) Price Availability Plan Specifications
C1 C1 - B3.1 3 Penthouse 3 153 54 585 500 Immediately
C1 C1 - A4.1 4 Penthouse 4 154 126 645 000 Immediately
B2 B2 - A3.1 3 Penthouse 2+b 123 60 580 000 2021
B2 B2 - B3.1 3 Penthouse 2+b 124 54 570 000 2021
*The gross area (or sold area) of dwellings is calculated, in general and for the entire dwelling, as follows: for dwellings with horizontal ceilings, the area is calculated from the outside of the façade walls to the axis of the common walls (including the common walls between common and private areas, including ducts and technical hoppers).